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Project Management and Coordination

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  1. Consultancy of Occupants
  2. Utilisation Planning
  3. Planning and Realisation
  4. Corporate Relocation / Internal Office Moves
  5. Consulting Property Owners and Investors
  6. Revitilisation and Modernisation of Real Estate
  7. Project Management and Coordination

  8. Investors'

Coordination of all project members (both internally and externally)

  • independent substitution for the developer
  • pricing independent of the regulatory fees for architects and engineers
  • free of ties from manufacturers and distributors

Clarification of Technical Feasibility, Quality

  • identifying project risks
  • definition of quality standards
  • specification of fixture and fittings

Costs, Timetabling

  • providing an estimate of the project budget
  • monitoring of costs
  • development of a project timetable
  • schedule management

Supervising the Realisation Phase

  • preparation and execution of project meetings
  • project guide
  • compilation and maintenance of the documentation
  • appointed contact person

Procurement of a Draft Planning Decision

  • coordination of the developer's decisions
  • organisation of the final selection of components, such as flooring samples and finishes etc. with the investor
  • management summary (costs, alternative solutions, advice)

Preparation for the commissioning of third parties

  • clarification of the need for additional specialist planners
  • determination of planning scope
  • preparation of contracts

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