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Consultancy of Occupants

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  1. Consultancy of Occupants

  2. Utilisation Planning
  3. Planning and Realisation
  4. Corporate Relocation / Internal Office Moves
  5. Consulting Property Owners and Investors
  6. Revitilisation and Modernisation of Real Estate
  7. Project Management and Coordination
  8. Investors'

Selection and Appraisal

  • site analysis
  • market overview
  • examination of the profitability of corporate space and usage potential

Consultation regarding contract finalisation

  • technical specifications
  • comparison of submitted fixture and fittings standards, appointments, etc. prior to renting
  • calculation of the costs of construction

Networks and Telecommunication

  • catalogue of requirements
  • coordination of the specialist planners
  • positioning of electrical sockets

Mechanical Services

  • clarification of the requirements (air conditioning, acoustics, ecology)
  • comparison of plans with the current situation
  • selection and coordination of the specialist planners

Optimisation of the Work Processes and Spatial Situation

  • existing communication links between the different departments
  • Usage simulation
  • Concepts of reversibilty and flexibility

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