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Revitilisation and Modernisation of Real Estate

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  1. Consultancy of Occupants
  2. Utilisation Planning
  3. Planning and Realisation
  4. Corporate Relocation / Internal Office Moves
  5. Consulting Property Owners and Investors
  6. Revitilisation and Modernisation of Real Estate

  7. Project Management and Coordination
  8. Investors'

Analysis of the Real Estate

  • site survey (measurement of the site and CAD-illustration)
  • examination of the structural condition of the site (in a planning team)
  • evaluation of the existing spatial situation

Revitalisation or New Construction

  • examination ofthe usage of property space and the cost-efficiency of office space
  • the costs of revitalisation compared with a new construction

Revitalisation concepts

  • search for interim space
  • creation of new office space usage
  • architectural improvement of objects
  • clarification, adjustment of Technical Building Equipment and IT

Risk Analysis (noxious matter, hazardous materials)

  • checking for noxious matters
  • clarification of quality class goals
  • re-examination of intended building materials

Determination of the required budget

  • determination of the maximum budget depending on estimated future profitability

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